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MatrixCare & Conduit Coaching are delighted to sponsor the thought-leadership Teleforum on

Resilient Leadership during COVID-19.

Sign up for this Live Teleforum on Tuesday June 30th @ 12 PM ET/9 AM PT.

We will send a recording to all registrants, so go ahead and sign up even if you can’t make the date.

We’re continuing the conversation on Resilient Leadership, examining burnout . . . or more accurately, how you can manage, or even prevent it, for yourself and your team.

A huge heartfelt thank you – for going into work every day with COVID-19 hovering, caring for your residents, supporting your staff, and doing what needs to be done. You are inspiring and so appreciated.

Even though our pre-COVID lives seem unreal, the shock has worn off and we’re now in the thick of it.

This is definitely a marathon, not a sprint.

Join us to hear insights and leadership best practices that health care practitioners and researchers have gleaned from the past few months and past pandemics . . . ideas to support you to bring your best so you can support your teams to bring their best to your residents.

Mary Ellen, thanks so much for your excellent teleforums. I give them top marks!

They’re always worthwhile. Lots of the ideas really click.

I’d definitely recommend them to others, and I’m recommending some of our team who weren’t on it listen to the recordings. Keith Swartzentruber

Executive Director, Snyder Village


604 873 0350


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