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Leadership Essentials to thrive under PDPM.

We hosted the Live Teleforum on November 13th and it went really well.

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PDMPM is here to stay. Now what happens?

Have you been surprised by the financial impacts?

Are your staff correctly capturing MDS and ICD-10 coding detail?

Have emotional melt-downs become the order of the day?

No, it’s not going to be an easy. And as a leader, you set the tone on how well your staff (and your communities) navigate the change.

You can make it be a time of learning, growth, and resilience for yourself and your staff.

We’ll show you how.

Join us as we dig deep into the Leadership Essentials to thrive under PDPM so you can bring your best . . . and help your team bring their’s.

Mary Ellen, thanks so much for your excellent teleforums. I give them top marks!

They’re always worthwhile. Lots of the ideas really click.

I’d definitely recommend them to others, and I’m recommending some of our team who weren’t on it listen to the recordings. Keith Swartzentruber

Executive Director, Snyder Village


604 873 0350


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