Leading Change … with Compassion and Grace

Leading Change

… with Compassion and Grace

PDPM or whatever-other alphabet soup makes it clear: change is the perennial constant in Seniors Care.

Not good when we look at the statistics that only 54% of change initiatives stick – where change is sustained, business goals are achieved, and the organization thrives.

Yes. Almost half of change initiatives fail. Ugh.

Good news? The research is unequivocal: You can improve the odds.

The more extensive the change, the more important leadership becomes.

And the more your staff have an environment where how bad it feels to fail is greeted with compassion, and engenders a conversation about learning that’s compassionate … the faster they learn & adapt.

People affected by change that’s done with compassion are less likely to resist and more likely to invest in making change effective.

Nice idea and not sure how to do it? Our $99 virtual Change Leaders’ Toolkit can help.

We’re piloting it now with a select few clients, ironing out the kinks, and planning to launch in early 2020.

Email if you’d like to be on the announcement list.




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