Resologics Gratitude tool

Today’s tool is courtesy of Mark Batson Baril (Boss Whisperer & Team Coach) @ Resologics.

It’s Gratitude Plus 2, a tool based on the work of Stone Patton and Heen, Marshall B Rosenberg, and Mark’s years of work in the field.

Step 1: Choose something the person or team did that you’d like to thank them for. It can be general or very specific. Capture and describe it in a way that really brings what happened to life. Hold the “thank-you” back for a bit…

Step 2: Describe a little about how what happened made you feel and what needs it met that you were happy to have met. If you can get into your own personal needs, all the better. Elaborate as much as makes sense to you, knowing this is the part of the tool that holds all the power.

Step 3: Wrap all that up with a “thank you.”


Simple? You bet. And how many of us take the time to add part 2?

Not many.

Too bad, because it makes a difference.

Here’s your chance to be one of the skillfully gracious and grateful few.