Turn Barriers into Bridges

Conduit Coaching helps you find answers to issues important to you.

We’re like a bridge, taking you from a place of curiosity or dilemma,
to where you’re really clear about your goals and opportunities,
and believe “I can do this.”

What is a Conduit, Anyway?

Strictly speaking, it’s a tube to protect wires. But what does that have to do with what we do? Well, quite a bit actually.

Conduits run from where you are to where you want to be. They are protective and give the space you need to clarify your goals, develop the strategies to achieve them, and the confidence and focus to take action – moving ever closer to where you want to be.

As you move along the conduit, you identify your natural gifts and talents, learn to trust your strengths, and begin to see results … with less effort.


Are Leadership Coaches different from NFL Coaches? Not really. We both build confidence, point to success, organize the team, and provide tools to promote improvement and development. 


Caring for seniors is meaningful work. It can also be hard. We help leaders and teams in Long Term Care create homes and workplaces full of joy, meaning & connection.

Compassionate Leadership

Doing hard things, in a caring way.
Simple idea.
Not always so easy to implement.
We can help.

Is Leadership Coaching Right for Me?

Are you:

    • Wanting to be a little less reactive, and a bit more mindful when the chips are down?
    • An emerging leader looking to build your skills so you can leave work on time and know you’re doing a great job?
    • Looking for a place to discuss challenges without judgement?
    • Working in a team that just isn’t hitting its potential?
    • Or you’re on a great team but it’s time to tweak the “mojo”?

Well. Then Conduit Coaching may just be for you. Learn more!


2024 Gold-Medal Game Plan for Entrepreneurs


2024 Gold-Medal Game Plan for Managers & Executives


2024 Gold-Medal Game Plan for Seniors Care Leaders


Gold-Medal Game Plan Podcast – 55 min

Search Inside Yourself

Mindfulness-based emotional intelligence training for your leaders and teams.

Conduit Coaching Seniors Care Leadership Academy

Want to be a happier, more influential Seniors Care Leader?

Mary Ellen, through our coaching I have become a better leader – I’m more focused, productive, and on track with achieving my business goals. Revenues and profits have increased, and I have more time and energy to enjoy my life outside of work. You are incredibly gifted and you bring your energy to each and every call. I love it!


President, Healthcare Benefits Company

When I talk with Mary Ellen I get clear not only on what I think is murky, but on what is stirring up the bottom of the pond and clouding my mind. She asks deceptively simple questions, but they are so accurate and pointed that they go directly and painlessly through the cracks in my story to the heart of the matter.

With just a few coaching sessions with Mary Ellen I’ve gotten unstuck and moving. My “goal” was met on the first call… but Mary Ellen kept noticing where I was still wobbly and supported me in getting honest and clear and expanding even further.

Vicki Robin

NY Times Best-selling author, Your Money or Your Life

Mary Ellen has an uncanny knack for helping people look at work and life issues from a different perspective, leading to frequent “ah-ha” realizations and insightful revelations.

Her techniques made it possible for me to achieve sustained positive behavioral change, which improved my life immensely. I highly recommend her coaching services.

Jill Korstrom

Legacy Coach, Meridian Life Design


604 873 0350

Tired Of Rewriting Plans & Goals?

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