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Rx for Leaders in Continuing Care

We understand.

Your life as a leader in Continuing Care is a balancing act. You’re constantly juggling competing priorities—work, family, friendships, and all that other day-to-day stuff. How would you like a reason to hit the pause button?

That’s exactly why we’re sending you this letter—the first of a monthly series. Here’s your chance to take a breath, reflect on what you’re already doing right, and pick up a few inspiring new ideas to boost and sustain your team’s high performance.

Take a break

We don’t have to tell you it’s a good idea to take a break now and then. Plenty of medical studies, plus Daniel Goleman’s work in emotional intelligence and Barbara Frederickson’s recent, groundbreaking book, “Positivity,” document the benefits. There’s just no doubt about the physiological, psychological and performance advantages of pausing to reflect and refresh.

But who has time? Meeting the demands of residents, staff and families, not to mention that endless to-do list, doesn’t leave much time for you—the leader. Kinda like the shoemaker’s kids going barefoot, isn’t it?

Four easy pieces

Now the good news. You can create positive breaks to help revitalize yourself and your team. How? In our experience with teams in Continuing Care, we’ve discovered four simple ideas that deliver the most impact with the least effort.

  1. Laugh.
    Sharing a little good humor, maybe a joke or a funny story, builds relationships, strengthens positivity, even boosts immunity. The team that laughs together can also find the resilience and capacity to weather storms and produce great, sustainable results.
  2. Celebrate accomplishments.
    With its crazy pace, shrinking resources, and ever-evolving complexity, the world of Continuing Care isn’t exactly conducive to appreciation. But you can change that. Invest five minutes at the start of team meetings to acknowledge your successes—whether small achievements or major milestones like opening a new unit, launching new services, or completing accreditation. Believe us, just 300 seconds of celebrating can recharge, even supercharge your team.
  3. Say thank you. 
    A heartfelt “thanks” in return for gifts and favors, whether tangible or intangible, builds positive connections with others.
  4. Remember why you’re here.
    As Continuing Care professionals, you and your team play a vital role in the lives of countless individuals and families, not to mention the community at large. Bottom line, what you do is critically important. Yet it’s not uncommon for Continuing Care workers to experience burn-out—feeling overworked and underpaid. Sharing stories about what initially inspired you to choose your career can help renew that early passion for the work.

Your turn

Have you already tried one or more of these ideas? Can you suggest other tips that work for you? If so, we’d love to hear about it. Write us at me@conduitcoaching.com.


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