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Mary Ellen draws on the expertise of her associates for a well-rounded perspective.
She often co-leads mindfulness training and leadership development engagements.

As a Project Manager for an oil & gas company leading architectural projects for the refineries, Priscilla realized human relationships are the most common source of project over-runs.

Bringing that experience with her, she shifted gears to commit to embodying mindfulness and emotional intelligence skills. Incorporating her 15 years of working for world-class enterprises in Mexico, Priscilla teaches mindfulness and emotional intelligence in the context of leadership and culture development.

She has her own business Arc Esprit, and is a certified Teacher for the Search Inside Yourself Program in English, French and Spanish (multi-lingual maven that she is!).

Nicki Weiss

A certified professional leadership coach, master trainer, and workshop leader in her SalesWise business, Nicki has worked with more than 15,000 sales professionals since 1992 including manufacturers, distributors, manufacturers’ rep firms, pharmaceuticals and biotech.

Clients describe her coaching and training style as fun, energetic, challenging, warm, grounded in common sense and focused on results. Earlier in her career, Nicki held sales and sales leadership positions, consistently achieving top-ranking status.

Outside work, Nicki’s hobbies include regular exercise, gardening, and skiing, all of which are hard on the knees and remind her that life is about the journey, not the destination.

John’s been conducting his own mindfulness practices since 2005 and has personally seen how useful these skills are personally and professionally.

He’s a fun and reflective front-of-the-room presenter who regularly travels internationally to train teams in different business domains ranging from customer care to sales/marketing to engineering.

In addition to his undergraduate training, John has earned the applied Mindfulness Meditation Certification from the University of Toronto and is a Certified Teacher for the Search Inside Yourself Program.

His approach to Mindfulness is very practical. His company, Optimistic Brain, is all about bringing Mindfulness practices into the workplace by developing best in class mindfulness-based professional development programs.


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