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Q: How is the Seniors Care Leadership Academy different from other leadership training?

A: In 15+ years of training/coaching leaders and teams in Seniors Care, we’ve noticed …

  • Leadership and/or personal development is often a low budget priority.
  • When it does happen, it’s almost impossible for your leadership team to be physically off-site and mentally present for a whole day of training.
  • Managers are interested in learning new ideas, but don’t have time to study, much less invest time outside of “class” to reflect.
  • One-off training doesn’t even stick! Great intentions are often derailed by life, leaving participants feeling guilty and demoralized that they aren’t using their new knowledge. Ugh.

We designed the Academy to turn these barriers into bridges and make it easy for your leaders to support each other, build momentum, and take away a ton of value for minimal investments of time and money.

Q: What results can I expect?

A: Experience (and truckloads of research) tell us compassionate leadership dramatically influences a Long-Term Care (LTC) community’s performance.

Nursing Homes, Assisted Living and Independent Living settings all benefit from better employee engagement and retention, quality of care, resident and family satisfaction, and financials.

Coincidence? We think not. And neither do researchers—or Academy alumni.

We don’t promise overnight results. Instead, we deliver spectacular results over time by expanding participants’ capacity to lead with compassion and build a resident-centered culture.

Q: Who benefits most from the Academy?

A: Judging from alumni feedback, we offer something for everyone, both new and seasoned leaders across all levels and departments.

  • New leaders report they’ve become more compassionately assertive and able to catch problems before they escalate. They’re more confident, effective, and connected with their teams.
  • Experienced leaders appreciate new perspectives on age-old challenges, an opportunity to reflect on their practice, plus inspiration and support as they grow their teams’ capacity.
  • Academy members come from all departments (dietary, activities, care, business office, facilities, compliance), and from all levels (front-line leaders, directors, administrators, regional managers, C-suite executives).

Note: Too frequently nurse leaders in Seniors Care don’t have access to leadership training. Some feel uncomfortable in their roles. The Academy’s experiential approach to learning gives all members the tools and guidance to enhance their leadership skills in real time.

Q: What training sessions do I get for my investment?

A: We’ll start with:

  • A private and confidential 1:1 coaching call with each Academy member.
  • A planning conversation with the Academy sponsor to identify common themes among your members’ goals, identify leadership principles sure to make a difference in their performance, and create a customized learning plan for your organization.
  • A 45-minute Kick-Off Call open to all Academy members and their managers.
  • A 30-minute bonus Booster Training for managers, to give them tools for efficient and effective check-in conversations with their Academy members.

The month-long training for each Leadership Principle contains three components:

  • A one-page, pre-training self-assessment on that month’s Leadership Principle.
  • Two 15-minute audio emails on the Leadership Principle. Each comes with a worksheet including a lesson guide and how-tos for applying the concepts to your daily activities.
  • Two live Open-Mic follow-up calls via Zoom, one for each audio email, where members share ideas and practice applying what they’ve learned.
    Note: these calls are terrific. We draw on the best of adult-learning principles to create The Learning Zone — that sweet spot where participants feel safe, motivated and accountable.

At the end of your Academy experience, a group wrap-up call with all Academy members provides an opportunity to set new goals, fine-tune agreements, and create an ongoing structure of support and accountability to build on the momentum you’ve gained.

Q: What’s the expected time commitment per month?


  • 5 minutes to complete the self-assessment
  • 30 minutes to listen to the audio emails.
  • Just under 2 hours total for the two live Open-Mic calls. You set the day and time that works best for your leaders. We keep each call to 55 minutes.

Alumni say it’s a minimal investment compared to how much time their leaders save once they’re more skillful at having difficult conversations, handling stress, delegating, coaching, and engaging staff.
Aren’t your leaders’ development and success worth it, too?

Q: Is the Academy live or virtual?

A: All virtual.

Q: What skills do Academy members build?

A: Each month the Seniors Care Leadership Academy focuses on a different principle that fits your members’ goals. Here are a few we’ve explored with previous clients:

  • Compassionate leadership and influence.
  • Compassionate communication, including essential coaching skills to engage and inspire.
  • Compassionate assertiveness (aka radical candor), a way of giving (and receiving) feedback with grace and ease.
  • Stress management.
  • Developing strong teams that cooperate, collaborate, and embrace learning, growth and positive change.
  • Growing yourself to grow others, building self-confidence and effective delegating skills.
  • Leading change.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Your investment for 6 months of leadership development support for 20 leaders is $12,500. Or said another way, $625 per Academy member overall. Or you can think of it as $100+/month per Academy member.

This training covers four leadership principles of your choosing.

Q: How do I bring the Seniors Care Leadership Academy to my organization?

A: It’s easy. Reach out to for a conversation.

We’ll talk about what you’re looking for and how the Leadership Academy can fit your team, then schedule it at times that work for you.


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