COVID-19 Resources to get you & your team through it … together

  • Mary Ellen’s love letter to leaders & teams in Seniors Care.
    You are at the front-lines of this pandemic, putting yourselves at risk as you care for those most vulnerable. This is a thank you in addition to the 7pm nightly ovation for all that you do.
  • How to be a Resilient Leader during COVID-19 … without burning yourself out.
    A brief summary of the teleforums we hosted early on in COVID for leaders in Seniors Care. We highlighted research-backed ideas to help you feel safe and calm, so you can do the same for your staff, residents and their families … and went deeper into strategies to support your team and keep on top of the constant change so the right things get done.
  • One-page Summary of COVID-19 Resources for Seniors Care leaders.
    People want to help so there’s a ton of resources available which is nice but can lead to information overload. A curated list of links to support you having a peaceful mind & happy heart, being a resilient leader, and staying on top of regulations (if you’re in the US). We’ll update it as new resources are discovered. Updated July 2.
  • Weekly Mindful Moment wrapped up for now.
    With the cautious re-opening of many of our worlds we’ve just wrapped up this iteration of our weekly 15-minute Mindful Moments that were hosted by Mary Ellen on Zoom. Email if you’d like to be on the notification list for future mindfulness initiatives (including if we pick it up again).
Only one man in a thousand is a leader of men – the other 999 follow women.
Groucho Marx


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