Are Leadership Coaches Different from NFL / NHL / Sport-of-your-choice Coaches?

Not really.

We both build confidence, point to success and provide tools for individual and team development. We both work diligently for the goals. Of course, leadership coaches do try to avoid the hand signals to call plays (usually).

Whether you’re a new team trying to find your groove together, a senior leader grappling with staying calm regardless of what’s happening around you, or an up-and-coming entrepreneur overwhelmed with working in your business instead of on it , Conduit Coaching offers innovative, fun (yup, it’s true), evidence-based coaching techniques that will get you where you want to be.


IT’s All About You

This isn’t navel-gazing.

Coaching is about taking time for yourself (I know, right?), dreaming the dream, consciously deciding what you want to do and how you’d like to get there, and investing the concerted effort to make it happen.

You set the destination we co-create a strategy to get you there. It’s truly all about clarifying your dreams and goals, and building the momentum to achieve them.


Coaching For Everyone

Conduit Coaching offers programs for your unique needs.

Mary Ellen, your facilitation skills not only kept us on track but the work we do with you positively changes the way we present ourselves and are experienced by our clients.

You did a great job of paying attention to what was going on at all levels and pointing out those shifts to us. Important and subtle stuff. Thank you!

Louise Pohl

Learning Works

Team Coaching

Teams are vital to successful organizations. But what if your team isn’t quite performing to its full potential? We can help!

By viewing the team as a system, Conduit Coaching takes a unique approach to building strong, high-functioning teams.

We’ve done a lot of work with teams in Seniors Care. Funny, because their challenges aren’t much different from teams we’ve supported in other sectors.

Leadership Coaching

As a leader you have a lot of information to process and decisions to make … often without complete information, or much time to think, or someone to bounce ideas around with. That’s harsh.

Conduit Coaching is the place to talk it out and find solutions through insightful, thought-provoking questions and discussions.

And bonus points because coaching also results in a direct improvement in business metrics. Like to see the facts and figures to prove it? Thought you might – The Business Case for Coaching provides compelling, quantified evidence on the impact of coaching in organizations.

Personal Leadership Coaching

Do you have a sneaky suspicion that you’re not leading the life you were meant to live? Are you looking to expand your horizons but really aren’t sure where to begin? Or perhaps, you’ve experienced fantastic professional success but can’t seem to replicate that success in your personal and social life?

We’re here to help. Conduit Coaching works with individuals looking for more joy, meaning and connection in their everyday life. 


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