Mary Ellen and the team at Conduit Coaching have been making a positive impact for years. Here’s what some of her clients have to say.

Through innovative exercises and accountability, Mary Ellen helped me plant the seeds for my new business. Additionally she provided me with various tools to help reduce distractions and focus on one thing at a time. She did all of this with humor, warmth, intelligence and a good kick in the arse when I needed it.

Avrum Nadigel

Mary Ellen’s ability to articulate my thoughts and directions and deliver feedback in an interesting yet humorous manner was motivating and inspiring. It was wonderful to finally be able to ‘be’ in the moment and surrounded by clarity in an arena of chaos.

Software Marketer

Toronto, ON

Mary Ellen, you are incredibly gifted.

Through our coaching I have become a better leader – I’m more focused, productive, and on track with achieving my business goals. Revenues and profits have increased, and I have more time and energy to enjoy my life outside of work.

You bring your energy to each and every call and it’s contagious. I love it!

You have the wonderful ability of being able to truly listen and get into my headspace. You are both resourceful and knowledgeable. You analyze information and can deliver it back to me in a manner where I have greater understanding. Hmm, guess that means you also have an analytical side. Who ever thought that one could be creative, imaginative, insightful and analytical all at once? Amazing!


President, Healthcare Benefits Company

Mary Ellen was very good at working with me to discover my strengths and weaknesses. Coaching with her over the last 7 years helped me discover myself deeply and transform from being an engineer to a leader for my workgroup.

I was struggling with how to develop effective project teams, but with Mary Ellen’s coaching, I developed skills that bring people together and form highly functional teams. Further I learned to use the same philosophy to build deeper relationships with my customers that extend beyond just bids and proposals to long lasting partnerships that build on trust and honest communication.

Herbert L

Business Development Manager, Chemical Technology Company

Mary Ellen – Working with you was a lot of fun & extremely insightful.

The exercises we did helped me think through and define my priorities more clearly. I particularly found the visualization exercises helpful in overcoming some bad habits and changing behaviours! Thank you for your help.

Lesley Braby


My experience with Mary Ellen was outstanding.

I was looking for someone who had an understanding of business, experience working in a corporate environment, and could work with me during a period of significant change in my business, and more importantly, significant change in my life.

At all times, Mary Ellen was focused on helping me find ways to improve through thought-provoking and meaningful questions and challenges. In terms of availability, she was able to accommodate my very busy and challenging schedule. And after every discussion, I left with a sense of enthusiasm and looked forward to our next opportunity to explore ways to efficiently move forward.

I would definitely recommend Mary Ellen to anyone looking for a personal coach, looking to develop their potential or looking to excel.

Brett Hodson

President & CEO, CORIX Group of Companies

Before I started my sessions with Mary Ellen, I didn’t have much faith in the coaching experience.

I was stunned by how much it changed my life.

Despite running a business I enjoyed, I felt stagnant in my life.

Mary Ellen helped me evaluate and celebrate my life as it was, while clarifying the direction I was going and developing the tools to get me there. Vague notions became life-changing realities.

I encourage anyone who wants to bring focus to their life to give her a call.

Matt Sullivan

Sullivan & Associates

Last night was my first major presentation EVER. I co-presented “Closing in on Sustainable Salmon Farming” to an audience of 125 at the Courtenay Fish & Game Protection Assoc. The presentation went really well, and I was not even that nervous. There are definitely things to improve upon, and more confidence will come as we are touring this speech around for a few months.

I just wanted to thank you profusely. I can’t even explain how much you helped me. I’m actually excited to do these speeches, and feel worthy of taking people’s time. It helps that I’m really thrilled by the topic, and it is exciting and new stuff that many people have not heard of (closed containment for BC salmon farms).

Thank you again for coaching me. You have given me a new level of confidence, and even, choke, Gahahhckk! Joy! in public speaking. I did not even think that would ever be possible for me. Although I enjoyed Hollyhock a ton, and learned so much from everyone, this is by far the most direct benefit to my job from that experience. Thanks a million times over.

Michelle Young

Administrative Director, Georgia Strait Alliance

Mary Ellen is a very innovative and empathetic coach.

She helped identify and compartmentalize the gremlins that barred my way to personal achievement.

Working with Mary Ellen helped me meet my income goals, brought focus to my priorities, and balance to my life as a whole.

Dan Wolfson

Freedom 55 Financial

Before I worked with Mary Ellen, I felt as if I was wandering around in circles. I knew I needed to move forward… I just didn’t quite know how. Mary Ellen prompted me to look within myself and to recognize what my intuitive voice was telling me.

Mary Ellen’s enthusiastic, heartfelt and non-judgmental approach gave me the gentle guidance I was missing.

Kate Nielsen

BC Non-Profit Housing Association

What Clients have to say about their Leadership Academy programs

The Academy is helping me become a better leader by working on myself, by prioritizing, being a better speaker, and learning new stress reliever techniques.

And I love the calls!

Seeing that no matter what role we have, we all have the same stuff!  We are going through it, just at different levels.  Also, getting good ideas and feedback.

And that the calls MAKE us take time for ourselves and talk to each other about US. I really like that part.

Angel Allaire,

Regional Director, The Arbor Company

The Leadership Academy was truly an exceptional experience. It’s helped me grow as a leader and as a person.

When we started I looked at it like another task, but now I realize I’ll miss the gatherings and sharing amongst the diverse group.

Thank you for all that you have added to my life skills.

Daniel “Danny” Asencio

Maintenance Support Specialist, The Arbor Company

I truly enjoy every aspect of this leadership academy. I rave about it on a weekly basis to my ED and she wishes it was something available to all new directors.

The program is excellent the way it is and I am very happy that Arbor has given us this opportunity.

I always have great take-aways I can implement right away.

Just knowing someone else is going through the very same thing takes a load off my shoulders. Getting different feedback and a different vantage point is wonderful.

And, my goal, BEING COMPASSIONATELY ASSERTIVE, which my ED loved by the way, pops in my head at the right moments. I catch myself and say remember, be compassionately assertive and I breathe deeply and ground myself. Thanks you so very much for that.

I look forward to the Open-Mic calls and know I’ll miss them when it’s over.

My advice, attend every session and you will be a better leader in your community.

Grace Brown,

Memory Care Director at Pompano Community, The Arbor Company

The time with my peers in the Leadership Academy, and this new place of greater, even different trust, are two very valuable things I take away.

As I am able to listen more, my relationships have greater depth, improved communication and greater understanding.

The EDs seem more vulnerable and more willing to share.  Our efforts to make change appear more aligned.

Mary Ellen, thank you for sharing your message and your knowledge.

Rose Cleveland

VP Operations, The Arbor Company

The Leadership Academy helped me find my strengths, compassion and creativity to develop myself first, and pass it on so that my leaders do not need me – they can find their own way when faced with a dilemma and know they don’t need me, that they’ve got it.

Teresa Covelli

Executive Director, Arbor Terrace at Citrus Park

Mary Ellen, thanks for bringing our senior leadership team closer together with our customized Academy. I feel badly for the people who didn’t make the time to participate because the recordings and the Open-Mic/Team Coaching conversations allowed participants to be truly transparent with each other and we were able to see our teammates strengths and weaknesses.

I’m a new-ish leader and learned a lot from the Academy – when one of my 60 staff come to me with a challenge, I will be quiet, listen, form what I’ll say, and answer compassionately.

I’m a work in progress, and the Academy helped me develop.

Thank you so much for bringing our group together to learn more about leadership and how we can make a difference!


Kari White

Supervisor, Environmental Services Riverview Gardens, Municipality of Chatham-Kent

The customized Leadership Academy for our senior leadership team had a big impact on our team and on me personally.

Our team has each other’s backs even more now. We may tease each other – but we’re there for each other. The Academy made that possible. The Open-Mic discussions, and specifically the User Guide conversations allowed us to let down our barriers, be vulnerable enough to show our weaknesses, and create that psychological safety Mary Ellen talks about so we could have the hard discussions.

The leadership goal I set in my private kick-off coaching call with Mary Ellen was personal. I didn’t like it initially and in hindsight, I realize I needed to set it. Committing to it gave me their permission to be self-compassionate. Had I not done that, I would’ve rolled up in a ball. It allowed me to do what I needed to take care of myself so I can bring my best at work and in my life.

Lesley Rountree,

Manager, Long Term Care Riverview Gardens, Municipality of Chatham-Kent

What Clients have to say about the Strengths Spotlight with CliftonStrengths

Safe Care BC

The “Strengths Spotlight with CliftonStrengths” program was fantastic for our management team!

What we accomplished, the level of trust and insight we gained in that afternoon, was more than what we could’ve gained through a year of virtual team meetings.

Not only did we realize our own and each other’s strengths, how we’re coming across and what we can work on… it also pinpointed specific steps to turn our individual and team challenges into opportunities.

I highly recommend this program for all teams wanting to be more efficient and effective.

Saleema Dhalla (she/her)

CEO, SafeCare BC

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