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Are you ready to be a happier, compassionate, influential Seniors Care Leader who leads with grace and confidence?

We hear that the biggest challenges to being more of that are…

  • Communicating and motivating my staff when they need to be doing something better/or they did something incorrectly … without me getting a stomach ache.
  • Overwhelmed by the workload and not knowing where to start when there’s no specific fire needing to be put out, but a ton of urgent issues.
  • Perfectionist tendencies that slow me down and stress me out.
  • Nobody’s the same! Dealing with diverse backgrounds and personalities.

If you want help turning these barriers into bridges join the Conduit Coaching Seniors Care Leadership Academy today. You’ll receive tools and support honing an essential leadership competency each month like…

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What you can Count On

At Conduit Coaching, we use the coach-approach in all our work. We’re in this with you.

You’ll join a community of thoughtful, insightful, and thriving Seniors Care leaders like yourself committed to their growth and doing what’s right for their residents and staff.

We’ve mastered the science of creating Psychological Safety so you can bring your best self (and worst challenges) to our twice-monthly Open-Mic discussions. You can count on honest and kind support as you work on making cooperating and collaborating your team’s “new normal”.

This isn’t hocus-pocus.

All of the Academy teachings come from the best of leading edge research, and have been validated through our umpteen years supporting leaders and teams in Seniors Care.

We take complex problems and boil them down to practical solutions.

Let’s work on your leadership together this month as we take a deep dive into…

Don’t just take our word for it.

As a new Operation Manager the Seniors Care Leadership Academy has helped me be more confident and effective.

I’m more aware of what’s going on with my staff, and more clear about my expectations with them.

Now I’m able to have difficult conversations to correct behaviors and catch problems before they escalate. And there’s more trust there with staff.

Kandi Neufeld,

Operations Manager, Lodge on 4th Ltd

Take your time

Change and growth happens over time.

Our monthly work together emphasizes the very best in Seniors Care leadership, leading-edge research on high-performing cultures, and core principles for inspiring and influencing stakeholders inside and outside your organization.

The Academy makes leadership development easy and ongoing so you become a more well-rounded and influential Seniors Care leader.


Why it Works

Seniors Care leaders have lots of work, not enough time, and not enough budget. But we know being a better leader makes a big difference on your community’s performance… and has you be the positively influential leader you want to be.

The Academy’s unique process borrows techniques from the neuroscience of leadership to makes progress easy and ongoing – with minimal time and money investment.

The Academy is here to help you be the inspiring and effective Seniors Care leader you know you can be.

Ready to join? Send in the membership agreement and we’ll get your Kick-Off Coaching call scheduled.
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Bring a friend or colleague

We’ve been doing the Academy for a while and noticed that members who gain the most attend with colleagues.

Makes sense.

You can support each other in deepening your understanding of the ideas, and more importantly cheerlead, hold each other accountable, and give feedback to each other as you put the ideas into practice.

We want to make it easy for you to win so bring a friend/colleague and you both receive a discount.

Or if you have 10 or more colleagues our Private & Customized Academy may be a better fit.

Not sure which of your colleagues will get the most value from joining the Academy?

  • Administrators / General Managers
  • Directors of Care / Directors of Nursing
  • Compliance Specialists
  • Therapy Managers
  • Food Service Managers
  • Support Services / Housekeeping Managers

…. Academy members in these roles say it gives them help moving forward, and new ideas and different ways to deal with difficult situations.

The focus of our monthly working together always includes:

  • Developing yourself as a Compassionate Leader so you can manage your expanding workload and competing priorities with calm and grace.
    You learn about yourself (your style, strengths, and how you may get in your own way with the monthly Self Assessment). All helpful for strengthening your self-awareness.
  • Inspire your Team, build a trusting environment where they work well together. In the Academy you’re supported as you influence your team to provide compassionate care. You join for Academy colleagues for twice-monthly leadership conversations facilitated by Academy Coaches conversations that provide heart and soul and sage wisdom.
  • Compassionate Communication so you challenge people directly while you show you care personally. It’s about mastering the skills of compassionate communication and having productive relationships … even with those you don’t have authority over & who influence your success.
  • Build a Culture that’s compassionate and person-centered.

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How to Register:

Ready to join your colleagues in the Seniors Care Leadership Academy? Then complete the Academy agreement today. Note: To register multiple people, one person registers everyone, and we will contact you to obtain additional names.


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