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Mindfulness Training in Seniors Care

Many philosophical and contemplative traditions teach that “living in the moment” increases happiness. Nice idea. Not so easy to do.

We get busy. Distracted. We react. We dial into the WIIFM station (what’s in it for me).

Yes, we are indeed mere mortals. We’re on auto-pilot – or as scientists say, we’ve activated our default mode network. And guess what? Activity in this part of brain is correlated with unhappiness. Hmmm.

Good news though. Neuroscientists have discovered that mindfulness helps combat all that so we’re more focused, less stressed and reactive, and have better health.

And even better news for Seniors Care?

A 2019 study in Long Term Care noted nursing aides with higher levels of mindfulness were less likely to report experiencing injuries, exposure to the most common sources of injury (bumping/hitting equipment and resident aggression), and musculoskeletal symptoms.

Less injury. Less triggering resident aggression. Wow!

Mindfulness helps your staff get out of the “zombie mode” that causes careless mistakes,
and helps them provide safer, person-centered, compassionate care.


The more mindful your staff the less time off due to injury, lower health insurance claims for employers, and less resident aggression.

For seniors Care leaders, mindfulness-based interventions reduce distress and improve well-being. Mindfulness underpins the keys to Emotional Intelligence and Compassionate Leadership … self-awareness, self-management, and emotional skills.


Search Inside Yourself (SIY) teaches the neuroscience behind mindfulness and how to cultivate it as the foundation skill that enables Emotional Intelligence, a calm and clear mind, and Compassionate Leadership.

Bridging age-old mindfulness practice and modern neuroscience, Mary Ellen has seen SIY help Seniors Care leaders bring out the best in themselves and others.

The program is best suited if you’re looking for:

  • Reduced work-related stress and psychological distress … especially in difficult situations.
  • Decreased turn-over and burnout.
  • Better judgement.
  • Increased Emotional Intelligence.
  • Improved general health

The Leaders’ mindfulness program includes:
  • Pre & post SIY program assessments.
  • Live in-person training with the full 2-day program. Shorter versions are also available to introduce key principles (keynotes, half-day or one-day).
  • 4-weeks of recommended peer-to-peer practices to sustain and integrate learning and self-directed growth from the inside-out.
  • Training your internal champion to host meditations using our guided meditations. They’ll learn how to create the psychological safety for participants to fully engage in the meditation practice.
  • Access to ten recorded meditations.

Mindfulness Training for Front-Line Staff

Best suited for front-line staff to gain the benefits research has found for leaders, as well as the benefits noted from research done specifically in Seniors Care:

Hosting and promoting 12-minute mindfulness practices during work hours keeps your mindful initiative moving forward and re-enforces your organization’s commitment by allowing employees the time to practice.

Doing actual meditations is the “at the gym, dedicated” practice we highlighted in the SIY Program. You can think of the different meditations we include in the program as exercising a different set of mindfulness muscles, sort of like how the elliptical machine and treadmill at the gym exercise a similar but different set of muscles.

Meditations are “at the gym Dedicated” practice

The Front-LIne Staff Mindfulness program includes:
  • Pre & post program assessments on mindfulness in challenging situations and compassion.
  • Virtual Training … 2 x 20 minute virtual lessons done in real-time facilitated by Mary Ellen (via zoom call).
  • Hosting and training regular meditation sessions internally.
  • Training your internal champion to host sessions using our guided meditations. They’ll learn how to create the psychological safety for participants to fully engage in the meditation practice.
  • Access to five recorded meditations to support staff expanding their skills of
    • Focused attention
    • Self-awareness
    • Self-regulation
    • Compassion & Empathy
    • Self-compassion

To get the most from this program, it’s recommended to be part of a larger Mindfulness and Compassionate Leadership initiative.

Why our programs work

Our practical mindfulness programs combine the best of modern science with our umpteen years supporting leaders and teams in Seniors Care.

We use the proven principles of adult learning to get people into the learning zone.

We work with you to develop strategies for your team to integrate mindfulness into their daily work so the learnings “stick”.

Participants increase their skill level by practicing mindfulness regularly so that when they have challenging days, they don’t “throw out baby with the bathwater”. The program enhances their appraisal skills, so they don’t negate the entire improvement they’ve gained because of a bad day.



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