From Conflict to Collaboration

Disagreements. They’re uncomfortable yet inevitable. Here’s a customizable one-day workshop for leaders and teams that develops confidence and competence to turn conflict into collaboration.

Workshop Details

Benefit Analysis
From Conflict to Collaboration is an interactive workshop that gives leaders and teams the skills to bring about rapid resolution and productive outcomes of disagreements. From Conflict to Collaboration will:

  • Free you from the fear of conflict by giving you ways to confront a problem even when it scares the dickens out of you. You’ll develop approaches to overcome ingrained conflict avoidance and feel more competent going into conflict or voicing disagreement.
  • Equip you to cool your hot buttons and balance candor with openness. You’ll learn how to approach a conflict conversation with less anger or fire, and how to confront a colleague directly without leaving a wake of debris.
  • Reduce or eliminate a long-term state of conflict. You’ll practice strategies to reduce conflict and bickering, rebuild important work relationships, and constructively work through contentious topics.
  • Teach leaders how to be models of constructive behavior and how to identify and address underlying tensions before teams get derailed.
  • Put your team on the path to sustainable high-performance with clear and efficient communication rather than indirect approaches like politicizing, gossiping, or stonewalling.

Proven Research
From Conflict to Collaboration isn’t your everyday conflict resolution training. We’ve built it around empirical research that proves the way team members interact plays a crucial role in determining the quality, quantity and sustainability of their shared results. From Conflict to Collaboration incorporates structures and tools that will deepen your teams’ long-term cohesiveness, level of trust, respect, camaraderie, and optimism – all characteristics of high-performance teams.

Custom tailoring
From Conflict to Collaboration is a one-day session customized to meet your organization’s specific needs – from relevant role plays and scenarios to delivery format (one, two or three in-person sessions; or teleconferences for distributed teams).

Time to take off?

If you and your team are ready to turn conflict into collaboration and accelerate towards sustainable high-performance, contact Mary Ellen to discuss scheduling and customizing options for your organization.


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