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Customized Seniors Care Leadership Academy for your Organization

If you’re enrolling 10 or more leaders in the Leadership Academy, consider our private and customized Academy option.

You’ll get the same great content and structure—tailored for your organization’s unique culture.

  • Monthly topics designed to meet your leaders’ specific needs.
  • Open-Mic conversations scheduled to fit your calendar. We can build off structures, like management meetings, already in place.
  • Content and discussions tweaked to support the culture you want to create, whether that involves being more strategic, more resident centered, or more customer-service oriented.
  • Biggest benefit? You’ll increase connection and collaboration amongst your leaders, and expand their capacity to do the same with their teams.

With the Seniors Care Leadership Academy…

Your leaders will accelerate and embed new behaviors through brain-based strategies.

You’ll transform performance by lifting the quality of conversations.


How it works

  • We’ll begin with a 60-minute Kick-off Webinar to introduce the Academy structure to your leaders, build positivity, and set expectations for participation.
  • Each of your leaders will have a private and confidential leadership coaching conversation with one of our Academy coaches to identify a behaviorally specific leadership goal for their time in the Academy. (i.e. how to remain calm regardless of what’s happening around them.)
  • Next, the Academy sponsor will meet with the Academy Coach to review common themes in your leaders’ goals, identify topics that will resonate, and create a road map to get the results you’re aiming for.
  • The Open-Mic calls lay the foundation for psychological safety, a key differentiator of high-performing teams. We’ll create an environment where your leaders can share successes and challenges openly and honestly, support each other, and get the support they want and need.
    Also, through the experience of participating within a psychologically safe environment, participants gain the insight and tools to create that kind of environment for their own teams.
  • We always suggest that Academy members meet with their managers to review their leadership goals and schedule frequent check-in conversations to provide structure, support and accountability as they work toward them.
    We’ll also encourage your members to discuss their goals within the group, and we’ll talk about them in our Open-Mic conversations to keep everyone’s goals present while creating a supportive leadership community within your organization.
  • A 60-minute virtual wrap-up meeting to set new goals, fine-tune agreements, and create an ongoing structure of support and accountability that builds on the momentum.

The Academy is helping me become a better leader by working on myself, by prioritizing, being a better speaker, and learning new stress reliever techniques.

And I love the calls!

Seeing that no matter what role we have, we all have the same stuff!  We are going through it, just at different levels.  Also, getting good ideas and feedback.

And that the calls MAKE us take time for ourselves and talk to each other about US. I really like that part.

Angel Allaire,

Regional Director, The Arbor Company

I truly enjoy every aspect of this leadership academy. I rave about it on a weekly basis to my ED and she wishes it was something available to all new directors.

The program is excellent the way it is and I am very happy that Arbor has given us this opportunity.

I always have great take-aways I can implement right away.

Just knowing someone else is going through the very same thing takes a load off my shoulders. Getting different feedback and a different vantage point is wonderful.

And, my goal, BEING COMPASSIONATELY ASSERTIVE, which my ED loved by the way, pops in my head at the right moments. I catch myself and say remember, be compassionately assertive and I breathe deeply and ground myself. Thanks you so very much for that.

I look forward to the Open-Mic calls and know I’ll miss them when it’s over.

My advice, attend every session and you will be a better leader in your community.

Grace Brown,

Memory Care Director at Pompano Community, The Arbor Company

Mary Ellen, thanks for bringing our senior leadership team closer together with our customized Academy. I feel badly for the people who didn’t make the time to participate because the recordings and the Open-Mic/Team Coaching conversations allowed participants to be truly transparent with each other and we were able to see our teammates strengths and weaknesses.

I’m a new-ish leader and learned a lot from the Academy – when one of my 60 staff come to me with a challenge, I will be quiet, listen, form what I’ll say, and answer compassionately.

I’m a work in progress, and the Academy helped me develop.

Thank you so much for bringing our group together to learn more about leadership and how we can make a difference!


Kari White

Supervisor, Environmental Services Riverview Gardens, Municipality of Chatham-Kent

The customized Leadership Academy for our senior leadership team had a big impact on our team and on me personally.

Our team has each other’s backs even more now. We may tease each other – but we’re there for each other. The Academy made that possible. The Open-Mic discussions, and specifically the User Guide conversations allowed us to let down our barriers, be vulnerable enough to show our weaknesses, and create that psychological safety Mary Ellen talks about so we could have the hard discussions.

The leadership goal I set in my private kick-off coaching call with Mary Ellen was personal. I didn’t like it initially and in hindsight, I realize I needed to set it. Committing to it gave me their permission to be self-compassionate. Had I not done that, I would’ve rolled up in a ball. It allowed me to do what I needed to take care of myself so I can bring my best at work and in my life.

Lesley Rountree,

Manager, Long Term Care Riverview Gardens, Municipality of Chatham-Kent

Seem like a fit?

Reach out to Mary Ellen to schedule a conversation about how a private and customized Leadership Academy may be just what your leadership team is looking for.


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