Designing a Complete Life

Do you have a sneaky suspicion that you are not leading the life you were meant to live? Are you looking to expand your horizons, but really aren’t sure where to begin? Or perhaps you’ve experienced fantastic professional success but can’t seem to replicate that success in your personal and social life.

We’re all looking for a complete and fulfilling life. How do we get it? Take charge!

Coaching with Mary Ellen fine tuned my focus which helped me realize my goals faster and brought me a long way toward resolving specific issues. At one point I suffered a crushing blow to my career…

Lori O'Connel


Be the Leader in Your Own Life

If you don’t take charge, who will? Certainly nobody who knows your hopes and dreams as well as you do!

Coaching with Conduit Coaching helps develop personal leadership skills by:

  • Working with you to clarify what you want
  • Co-designing a roadmap to achieving that goal, dream, or desire
  • Developing the biggest leadership skill of all: learning to quiet your mind even in moments of extreme chaos, giving you a place of alignment from which to make decisions and move forward
  • Building personal confidence and learning how to deal with fear
  • Developing personal communication skills that allow you to speak your truth in a respectful but firm manner

All Is Possible

With you firmly in the driver’s seat, equipped with personal leadership skills, there is no telling what you can accomplish. Start that new company, finish that book, move to Europe for a year – take the risk and reap the rewards!

For More Information on Personal Leadership Coaching

Contact Mary Ellen to discuss how Personal Leadership Coaching can specifically benefit your life. It’s easiest to demonstrate coaching, so call to schedule your complimentary session today.


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