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This Month in the Academy

Being the Inspiring Leader you know you can be in Seniors Care.

If you didn’t know it already–as a manager in Seniors Care, you have a big impact on whether direct care staff stayYour attitude significantly influences your employee’s levels of engagement and commitment to you as an employer. 

Leaders who coach more than they tell or do-it-myself-because-it’s-faster-and-I-know-it’s-done-right make that positive difference. 

This isn’t Mary Ellen’s opinion, this comes from tons of studies done specifically in the Seniors Care sector. And the notion of making your residents into real people for your staff may sound weird. But with the heavy workload and long to-do lists it’s understandable to slip into a task-focus vs people-focus. When you make your residents real, instead of a body to be washed, a real human connection can be made.

And it starts with you … seeing your staff as naturally creative, resourceful and wise.

Seem like too much of a stretch when you’re running at mach-5 with your hair on fire? Absolutely. And when you coach more consistently, you may catch yourself moving a little slower, getting more done, and leading staff who have compassion for residents and each other. Seem like a dream? Doesn’t have to be.

As a member of the Seniors Care Leadership Academy this September you will learn the Coaching Fundamentals for Leaders in Seniors Care and…

  • Learn the one absolute must-have coaching tool that will make the biggest impact on your effectiveness as a leader in Seniors Care.
  • Practice the 3 cornerstone coaching skills to engage your staff and bring out their best … even when they’re stressed, there’s lots of change, and everybody’s short on time.
  • Discover the 3 crucial coachable moments in Seniors Care — how can you spot them— and how can you find the time to coach them.
  • Start making the shift from boss/do-er to inspiring leader.


At Conduit Coaching, we use the coach-approach in all our work. We’re in this with you. Let’s work on it together.

You’ll join a community of thoughtful, insightful, and thriving Seniors Care leaders like yourself — committed to their growth and to doing what’s right for their residents and communities.

As part of our community of Seniors Care leaders across North America, you can count on getting honest and kind support as you work through how to make your team stronger so cooperating and collaborating are the “new normal”.

We’ve mastered the science of creating Psychological Safety … so you can bring your best self (and worst challenges) to our twice-monthly Open-Mic discussions.

This isn’t hocus-pocus. All of the Academy teachings come from the best of leading edge research, and have been validated through our decade-plus experience supporting leaders and teams in Seniors Care.

We take complex problems and boil them down to practical solutions.


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