Welcome to your Positivity Adventure!

Years ago, I created my own research-based positivity adventure and invited others to join me via monthly updates.

The format varied (article, checklist, audio, video), but the information was always short, sweet, grounded in science, and immediately useful.

I’ve updated those monthly positivity-boosting tips to include the latest and greatest of scientific findings.

Every four weeks, at about this time, you’ll receive an email with some ideas to boost your positivity.

Keep an eye out for your first message, landing in your inbox any minute now.

And fyi, the unsubscribe button at the bottom of every message is the off-ramp to the adventure. Cruise with us as long as you like, but we promise our destination is always good vibes.

Delighted to have you along on the adventure and honoured to be alongside. Can’t wait to hear what you learn. And may the (positivity) force be with you.

In gratitude,

.. Mary Ellen (ME)


604 873 0350

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