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Congratulations, for taking action to make the next 12 months your Gold-Medal Year!

Pick the Gold-Medal Game Plan that best fits your circumstances – there’s a version for entrepreneurs and another for leaders and managers. Both come with a case study for inspiration as you gain clarity on where you want to go this year. Each case study comes from actual experiences of clients I’ve coached.

If you’re really serious…

about putting your vision into action, send your completed game plan to me within two weeks of downloading for a COMPLIMENTARY COACHING SESSION to help launch you toward your goal. I am inspired by supporting others in fulfilling their potential, so it would be an honor to witness and contribute to your quest.

I offer the Gold-Medal Game Plan because I’ve not only seen it work for many clients, I use the same process for myself. There are some hints and tips to boost the effectiveness of the tool after you’ve given it a chance. I’ll drop you a line over the next few days after you’ve had a chance to give this a shot.

Here’s what others are saying about the Gold-Medal Game Plan

“I have used many goal and vision setting tools before, but I find Mary Ellen’s “Gold-Medal Game Plan” the best yet!

It was incredibly thought provoking as it led me to reflect on my past, present and future in ways that allow me to establish a foundation for success, versus a quick fix. I was able to clearly see and feel who I am being, what I am doing, and what I receive and give as a result of my state and actions. The process also led to many insights around success strategies such as setting clear milestones and measurable indicators of these milestones being reached. It also gave me a clear understanding of how I will overcome challenges and turn barriers into bridges, as Mary Ellen so masterfully helps clients do!

Thanks so much Mary Ellen for this amazing success tool. I will come back to it again and again to help me stay clear, motivated, inspired and focused on states of self awareness as I proceed toward my goals and dreams.”

Karen McGregor
Author, Speaker, and Founder of Speakers Success Formula

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